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Gut health plays a vital role in a person’s overall well-being. Good gut health brings a balance between the good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. However, gut health is complex and while research is ongoing we know that a strong gut contributes to the following:

● Heart health

● Brain health

● Healthy digestion

● Stronger immune system

● Improved mood

On the flip side, reduced gut health performance can contribute to:

● Upset stomach

● Bloating

● Constipation

● Weight gain

● Diarrhea

Is gut health just a trend?

It would seem that gut health is one of the latest trends in the wellness world. Podcasts, blogs and influencers all talking about the importance of gut health and taking the right steps to learn more about personal gut health. However, unlike some other trends in this space, the science and research supports that gut health plays a much bigger role in overall health than previously known.

There many nuances of gut health but along with a healthy lifestyle it is imperative to take control over your gut health IQ and understand what baseline you are working with to understand the best ways to move forward.

Bacterial Overgrowth: SIBO, IMO & Excess Hydrogen Sulfide

There are a host of gut health issues that one may experience. At trio-smart, our focus is on the three variations of bacterial overgrowth. SIBO, IMO & Excess Hydrogen Sulfide (link to Bacterial overgrowth can lead to one or all of the reduced gut health performance symptoms listed above.

Importance of SIBO testing

trio-smart breath tests should be considered to further your gut health IQ and understand why someone may be feeling any of the symptoms listed above. Breath testing is a tool to evaluate gases produced in the gut microbiome by analyzing an exhaled breath sample. Common gases measured are:

● Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

● Hydrogen (H)

● Methane (CH4)

● Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

A trio-smart breath test is sent directly to the person who orders it and can be done in the comfort of someone's home. This allows for comfort, quick turnaround times and easy to understand steps to complete.

Learn more about breath testing and how to order straight to your home. (