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The Buzz About Mail-in Breath Testing with trio-smart®

Breath testing is a valuable tool when it comes to identifying and managing certain common gastrointestinal conditions. The trio-smart breath test is a highly accurate and non-invasive method of indicating bacterial and methanogenic overgrowth in the gut. The best part is that it comes with an at-home sample collection kit, so you can collect your breath samples in the comfort of your own home and just pop it in the mail for analysis.

Why Is trio-smart in a League of Its Own

trio-smart is the only breath test that measures the levels of the three primary fermented gases in the gut microbiome: hydrogen, methane, and, for the first time, hydrogen sulfide. Before trio-smart, doctors relied on 2-gas breath tests which could not offer a complete picture of your gut health. trio-smart’s proprietary 3-gas technology is critical because the three gases interact in a complex way, and only by measuring all three of them can doctors determine the most specific course of action. Each gas, when elevated, correlates to a specific GI condition and symptoms.

The Three Primary Fermented Gases

Abnormal hydrogen levels indicate small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) which predicts symptoms like bloating.

Abnormal methane levels indicate intestinal methanogenic overgrowth (IMO) which predicts symptoms like constipation.

Abnormal hydrogen sulfide levels indicate excess hydrogen sulfide which predicts symptoms like diarrhea.

How Does trio-smart Work?

trio-smart analyzes your breath samples before and after you consume a sugar substrate drink like glucose or lactulose over a period of time. Samples can be collected at home and then mailed to the lab using prepaid shipping materials included in the kit. You can order a sample collection kit or learn more here.

trio-smart Results Guide Treatment 

trio-smart results are delivered within 7 business days from when the lab receives your samples. Your doctor can then design a targeted treatment plan based on your trio-smart results, and you can start feeling better quickly!

Order your trio-smart sample collection kit here.


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